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Send leads, track them, and get paid instantly!

Use the Amigo app to refer and make money!

Amigo is a simple referral app that anyone can use to refer trusted home services. With the click of a button, you can refer your clients, friends, family, co-workers, and even someone you just met. This app helps you make easy money by sharing services with friends, family, or acquaintances who trust your relationship and recommendation.

Amigo allows you to get paid by referring services such as TV, Internet, Smart home, and Solar supplied by our trusted service providers. These providers are world-class at delivering the best customer experience and home services.

What does the Amigo app do for you?

- Helps you make money by referring services that you use, trust, or sell.

- Increases your network of products you can monetize with your existing customer base.

How does the Amigo app work for you?

1. Send leads: Share leads with multiple companies with one easy experience. Your customers will love it!

2. Track Leads: Watch your leads progress and see milestones through their sales and installation journey. Amigo keeps the history of all your submitted leads!

3. Get paid: Instantly get paid after your lead gets installed!

We love feedback too! Please send us your experiences and suggested improvements to

If you are interested in being a service provider on the Amigo platform reach out to Premium providers use Amigo’s cutting-edge tech solution to add thousands of leads into their lead funnels. Also, they are getting the highest conversion rate possible because of our unique platform!

The Amigo app is designed exclusively for users located within the United States. Our services, payment processing, and currency are tailored to the US market. To ensure a seamless experience, we require users to have US-based payment cards and operate within US currency.

Sign-up and start today!

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